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Building Services Testimonials

"Very good! I would recommend the SERVPRO Reconstruction team to my friends, family, and colleagues!"

What can I (We) say other than AWESOME. We were blessed to have two of the most professional, experienced men working on our total kitchen overhaul and entire house re-flooring. Talk about perfection and persistence, nothing was left undone if it did not suit these guys. Experience and know-how makes a big difference when working on a house. I have had other carpenters work in my house over the years and they couldn't hold a candle to what has been done for us by SERVPRO. Trust was totally given over to them after the first day working, I never felt like I was being short changed on any of the projects that they became involved with as they did their job. They encountered more than anyone expected and handled themselves professionally all the way. They became friends over the time they were here and we will actually miss their wit and humor that they brought to our house. I will definitely be calling on them again if I decide to tackle any other big project. The gentlemen I am referring to are Robert and Johnny hats off to these two!